Counseling Services

HCCAC offers services free of charge that includes crisis intervention, family support, and individual therapy for child victims, siblings, and non-offending caregivers. We use a holistic approach to treatment to assist in healing and restoring a child’s sense of self.

What to expect in therapy:

Therapy is a unique opportunity to meet with a licensed professional to promote healing and minimize the negative effects of abuse and trauma. This process uses evidence-based techniques, proven to be effective in processing and coping with trauma. Parents and guardians are asked to participate in many of the child’s sessions in order to add to the child’s sense of support in the healing process. Participation and support are a vital aspect of therapy at HCCAC.

What is trauma?

Trauma can be any event that, when witnessed or experienced by a child or adolescent, is extremely distressing to them. These events are often in situations where children fear for their lives, the lives of others, or there has been a threat to their bodily integrity. There are many different kinds of trauma including:


Chronic Trauma is the experience of multiple traumatic events, often over a long period of time, such as:

  • Experiencing sexual and physical abuse
  • Witnessing violent fight between caregivers


Complex Trauma occurs with exposure of multiple invasive traumatic events from a young age. The trauma is often interpersonal in nature and is caused by the people children depend on for survival and safety.


Acute Trauma is a single traumatic event that lasts for a short time.

  • Natural disaster
  • House fire
  • Car accident
  • Being bitten by a dog
  • A single incident of abuse

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations are an integral part of the therapeutic services provided at HCCAC. We offer individual as well as family consultations free of charge. Whether as a part of your child’s therapy or as a service just to benefit the needs of your family, consultation sessions can be scheduled at any time. These sessions are offered to all non-offending caregivers, regardless of your relationship with the child who has experienced abuse or trauma.

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