Community Education

The Center provides numerous opportunities to obtain current training regarding best practices in child welfare and protection. HCCAC provides education to schools, childcare providers and community groups or organizations to help participants recognize and report the signs of child abuse and more.

Counseling Services

HCCAC offers services free of charge that include crisis intervention and family support and individual therapy for child victims, siblings, and non-offending caregivers. Using a holistic approach of treatment to assist in healing and restoring a child’s sense of self.

Family Advocacy & Victim Services

Here at HCCAC, we serve as the initial point of contact for children and families who are referred to the Center for services. We will be your advocate during the entire investigative process and will be available to you to answer questions. HCCAC is here for you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Forensic Services

A forensic interview is a method of gathering factual information from children and teens that are potential victims or witness to abuse or violent crime. A forensic medical examination is performed for the purpose of evaluation and treatment for any potential victims. HCCAC performs both of these services with the utmost respect and care.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Support

The multidisciplinary team approach to child abuse investigation brings together the various professionals involved in a child abuse/neglect case. HCCAC holds monthly meetings with local law enforcement, county/district attorneys and the Department of Family and Protective Services to ensure a family’s needs are met and assess all cases.

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