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In 1992 concerned citizens from Blanco, Burnet, Lampasas, Llano and San Saba counties researched ways to improve the community response to child abuse in our counties. This research identified Children’s Advocacy Centers as the primary strategy to correct the inconsistencies in investigations and to stop re-victimization of the child by the very agencies responsible for protecting the child.

After careful consultation with various community agencies and community leaders, a Board of Directors with representatives from the various counties was formed. By-Laws were written, non-profit status was established, Interagency Agreements and Cooperative Working Agreements were signed by all concerned agencies, office space was donated and the first fundraiser was coordinated.

The Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center has been serving the children of those communities for over twenty years and each year the number of child victims and their non-offending family members receiving services increases. Within the first ten years of service the Center saw a 196% increase in victims served. The need for services to this very special population continues to increase and the Center cannot fulfill its mission without your generous support.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower child abuse victims, their families and our community through education, healing and justice.

Where We Serve


Much of our work is done at our beautiful center in Burnet. The Center was built and designed in 1997 to look like a home and our staff and volunteers strive to ensure that every child and family who visits does indeed feel right at home.

Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center

How the CAC Works:

History of The Children’s Advocacy Center:

By: Alyssa Mikell, Program Director

The Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center was created in 1992, not long after the first Children’s Advocacy Center was created in 1985 in Huntsville, Alabama. Former Congressman Robert E “Bud” Cramer, then-District Attorney for Madison County, AL., saw Social Services and the Criminal Justice System were not working together, which created a more traumatizing experience for child abuse victims. Former Congressman Cramer, with the help of other key individuals, brought together law enforcement, child protective services, the criminal justice system, medical personnel, and mental health workers to create what is now the National Children’s Advocacy Center. Using a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach, the systems could work together to help reduce the trauma of child victims.

The Multi-Disciplinary approach to child abuse allows the different systems/agencies involved in a child abuse case to work together, share information, and reduce the number of times a child must talk about their abuse. Therefore, creating an easier path to healing in the future. The Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center’s Founder, Yvonne Evans, found this approach to be what the Hill Country was lacking for their children and set forth to create our Center. The Center is where all disciplines come to the child, in a comfortable, non-threatening setting. Allowing the child to speak to a neutral, professionally trained individual using a method that is legally defensible in court in order to gain the necessary information at one time for all disciplines. Many changes have taken place over the nearly 30 years that the Center has been in operation but putting the children first will always be our priority.

The first time a family walks into the Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center they will be offered multiple different services. The child(ren) will receive a forensic interview, by highly trained individuals. The family will receive advocacy from one of our qualified Family Advocates. Our advocates are always available to our families to seek assistance or guidance for anything from assistance with Medicaid or SNAP to finding therapy resources for the whole family. In certain situations, the child(ren) may also receive a medical exam by a Registered Nurse, to ensure safety and make medical recommendations, as needed.

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About Us

HCCAC currently provides trauma-informed care to children and families across a five count service area and much of our work is done at our beautiful center in Burnet. The Center was built and designed in 1997 to look like a home and our staff and volunteers strive to ensure that every child and family who visits does indeed feel right at home. We exist to serve the families and children in our community! Explore our website to learn more about the HCCAC.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Wade Langley – President

Ben Farmer – Vice President

Allison Milliorn – Treasurer

Paul Nelson – Secretary

Eddie Arredondo, Ross Behrens, David Bennett, Calvin Boyd, Ronald Cunningham, Dorothy James, Amy Koenig,

Patricia Langford, Wiley “Sonny” McAfee, Mercedes McCloughan, Stephanie McCormick, Stephanie Rye, Ron Cunningham & Ron Clark



Kim Winkler – Executive Director

Alyssa Mikell – Program Director

Lana Luke – Forensic Interviewer

Daisy Christiansen – Forensic Interviewer

Lisa Carson – Therapist

Mayra Leon – Therapist

Rachel Hodgdon – Therapist

Erika Bernabe – Family Advocate/Therapy Support Specialist

Karen Melton – Family Advocate/Volunteer Coordinator

Sophie May – MDT Coordinator

Lauren Gray – Administrative Assistant

Yesenia Aguilar – Program Assistant

Erica Melton – Education and Outreach Coordinator

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